From Printed Circuit Board Design To Manufacturability 

Our pcb design and manufacturing review will provide you with a no obligation project proposal detailing all costs, time scales and deliverables addressing the challenges below and providing you with a re-invigorated product. 

CONTACT US or CALL 01473 743700 To explore in confidence how our design and manufacturability review of your printed circuit board can add value to your products. 

Reliability and Quality 

The reputation of your product is paramount, and suffering quality failures of complex electronic circuits can be time consuming and lead to a loss of business. Our design review would consider the extent to which you build reliability and quality into your Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA).  
Our in house hardware and software engineers have years of experience of FMEA process and analysis working with a wide variety of products and applications. With an in-depth knowledge of electrical failure mode and effects analysis, we are able to analyse your electronic circuit design to advise of any potential flaws or weaknesses and propose potential fixes to resolve them. 
We consider the degree to which: 
Components are being used at the limits of their tolerance 
The PCB design is being used outside the original design scope 
Software changes are driving the circuit above original design limits 
Critical components are excessively stressed 
PCB assemblies are fully tested prior to incorporation into product 
Products are fully tested prior to dispatch 

Obsolescence and Cost Reduction 

If you have been selling the same product for years, you may now be noticing component prices rising and some becoming more difficult, or even impossible to source. Our development engineers are skilled at electronics design and obsolescence management. We can undertake product re-engineering to manage electronic parts obsolescence. 
The obsolescence management of electronic components is a major issue during a product's life cycle, especially if you are committed to supplying life-time service replacement parts. We would review the feasibility of: 
Incorporating newer technology components to give your electronic design an extended lease of life 
Changes to electronic circuit design and assembly methods, like surface mount components 
Reducing your product cost and enhance its capabilities 
electronic pcb design
electronic part shortage

Electronic Part Shortage 

The increased number of electronic components in products, along with Chinese factories shutting down during Covid, has caused a perfect storm of electronic component shortages. 
An electronics component shortage is driving supply chain problems in everyday products and the machines that make them. Lengthy electronic component lead times are now stalling production of everthing from toilet rolls to baked beans. The problem will improve over time but it may take a couple of years. We can help if you can not afford to delay. 
Our design, purchasing and ems services offer you: 
Procurement of alternative and available drop in components. 
PCB re-designs to use components that are available. 
Firmware re-writes for available microprocessors. 
Checking production BOM (Bill Of Materials) for availability. 
Large supplier network along with buying power to secure available stock. 

Improved Functionality 

By keeping abreast of the rapid changes in the electronics industry, our engineers are in a position to offer solutions to take your product to a new level, improve performance and capability leaving you to focus on product sales. 
Example improvements could include: 
Adding a colour touch-screen 
Doing more by using the newest microprocessors on your PCB's 
Allowing remote communications using Bluetooth or WIFI 
Providing user interfaces using technologies like the Android operating system 
FMEA analysis
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