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PCB Design Services

pcb design company - Circad

Our pcb design services provide electronic solutions to save you money and improve your products capability and reliability, by including the latest electronic technology within our pcb design. Let us supply the technology for you to be the market leader within your business sector.

Circad Design Limited is a pcb design company, designing and supplying bespoke electronic solutions to a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries across the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA since 2000 from our facility in Ipswich Suffolk.




But we are more than just a pcb design company. When off the shelf products simply cannot meet your requirements, Circad can offer a bespoke tailor made electronic solution, designed and developed to your specification. We make integrating electronics into your product easy. From concept through pcb layout design and prototyping to full manufacture and test, we will manage the whole process completely from within our factory.


pcb design services from Circad

Discuss your product concept with our team in confidence, and under NDA if required, to explore its feasibility. We will then produce a development proposal outlining the concept of operation, agreeable project milestones with all associated costs and time scales.

Customers wishing to explore the viability of a potential product can take advantage of our ability to quickly and cost effectively explore a basic concept complete with prototype pcb design. This will enable us to provide an estimated product cost should the development go ahead.




pcb layout design from Circad

First, your product will require a full schematic pcb design, including a number of different features:

The power supply may be AC mains or DC low voltage. The product may be low cost or high performance. We have already designed hundreds of different types of power supply and have the pcb layout design for whatever is required, which takes into consideration all environmental, legislative, power and budget requirements.

Product functionally may be controlled by simple logic gates or a Microprocessor, it may even require an integrated processor in an FPGA. Our engineers have many years experience of digital design using microprocessors from all leading manufacturers including ARM, Atmel, Cypress, Microchip and NXP. We also specialise in FPGA / CPLD development using VHDL with Altera and Xilinx. Whatever is the right product to do the job, we will incorporate it into our pcb design layout.




pcb design company - Circad

Whatever protocols your product needs to communicate with the outside world will be included in the pcb design. Our engineers have a wealth of experience with most of them including TCP/IP, USB, DALI, RS232, RS485, ZIGBEE, ASK , FSK, TFT, PS/2, Bluetooth, LCD, LED, Touch Screens, and Android ADB. Our development team will be able to advise on the best protocol and seamlessly integrate it into your product design.

Once the schematic design is complete using industry standard EDA tools, it moves seamlessly into the integrated pcb layout design software. Your products physical restrictions and interconnections along with manufacturability are all taken into account by the pcb designer during this design phase.





pcb design services - Circad

Now we are ready to produce a prototype or pre- production batch of your product. These assembled boards are used to validate the hardware design and to start developing the necessary firmware.

Our firmware development experience encompasses numerous languages and environments including Assembler, C, C++, and JAVA. The language used depends on the processor and application. Usually a low cost processor having a simple repetitive task could be developed in assembler and a more complex system with large data storage would use C++ on a higher end processor.

You may also require a PC or Android application to communicate with your product and display information. Our software development team will produce your software using C#, C++ or JAVA depending on the platform.