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Let Us Review Your Electronics Technology and Manufacture

From Printed Circuit Board Design To Manufacturability

Our pcb board design and manufacturability review will provide you with a no obligation project proposal detailing all costs, time scales and deliverables addressing the challenges below and providing you with a re-invigorated product.

printed circuit board design
Reliability and Quality

The reputation of your product is paramount, and suffering quality failures of complex electronic circuits can be time consuming and lead to a loss of business. Our in house hardware and software engineers have years of experience working with a wide variety of products and applications. With an in depth knowledge of electronic circuit analysis and design, fault finding and failure analysis, they are able to analyse your electronic circuit design to advise of any potential design flaws or weaknesses and propose potential fixes to resolve them.

Our reliability and quality review would consider the extent to which you build quality into your printed circuit board design and testing by considering the degree to which:

  • Components were being used at the limits of their tolerance
  • The pcb board design was being used outside the original design scope
  • Software changes are driving the electronic circuit design above original design limits
  • Critical components were excessively stressed
  • PCB boards were fully tested prior to dispatch
  • PCB board design and assembly were fully functionally tested prior to incorporation into final product

electronic circuit design
Obsolescence and Cost Reduction

If you have been selling the same product for years, you may now be noticing component prices rising and some becoming more difficult, or even impossible to source.

Component obsolescence affects us all during a products life cycle, especially if you are committed to supplying service replacement parts for years after an initial sale.

Our team of development engineers are able to review your printed circuit board design and make suggestions to resolve component obsolescence issues through:

  • Incorporating newer technology components giving your pcb board design an extended lease of life
  • Suggesting changes to electronic circuit design and assembly methods, like surface mount components
  • Making recommendations to reduce your product cost as well as to enhance its capabilities

pcb board design

If you are looking to expand your products functionality, we are the team to work with.

By keeping abreast of the rapid changes in the electronics industry, our engineers are in a position to offer solutions to take your product to a new level, improve performance and capability leaving you to focus on product sales. Example improvements may include:

  • Adding a colour touch-screen
  • Doing more by using the newest microprocessors on your electronic circuit design
  • Allowing remote communications using Bluetooth or WIFI
  • Providing user interfaces using technologies like the Android operating system