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EMS Electronic Manufacturing Services

Circad - one of the most flexible electronic manufacturing companies in the UK
We provide EMS electronics manufacturing services and can support you to re-engineer your product as it evolves through its life cycle, with the flexibility to handle one- off prototypes through to full production volumes.

Unlike some other electronics companies, we provide a full range of electronics manufacturing services from rapid prototyping, obsolescence engineering support, product re-engineering, capability upgrades, design re-work, failure analysis or batch manufacturing. We pride ourselves on being one of the most competitive electronic manufacturing companies for EMS electronic manufacturing services in the UK.

Circad have the tools, knowledge and expertise to produce your products, to your specifications, to the highest quality and on time.

Circad - one of the most competitive electronic manufacturing companies in the UK

We use the latest in fully automated surface mount assembly equipment, facilitating fast accurate placement of components down to 1005 and uBGA, coupled with intelligent feeders for rapid setup and flexibility, allowing us to complete relatively small batches economically.

The additional advantage of this technology is the ability to react quickly to our customers requirements on short lead-time deliveries. This technology coupled with a team of experienced assembly technicians carrying out through hole conventional assembly enable Circad to deal with whatever challenges are thrown our way.

ems electronic manufacturing services from Circad

Our highly trained staff can build complex surface mount technology PCB's by hand to provide a low cost solution for prototyping and small-scale production runs. Once your product is proven, or your production quantities increase, we can move seamlessly to our automated pick and place machine to reduce build time and costs.

Our electronics manufacturing services range from the supply of assembled boards using your free-issue compnents through to full sourcing and supply of parts, coupled with board build, final product assembly and wiring including all programming and functional test.

electronics manufacturing services from Circad

Over the years, we have built an established network of component suppliers from reputable electronics companies and can leverage our purchasing power to reduce the material cost of your products. We also work closely with a number of printed circuit board manufacturers, enabling us to source from the best possible supplier to meet your products complexity or quality standards. Similarly, if a full product build is required, we have forged strong links with local sheet-metal fabricators, machine parts specialists and custom plastic enclosure suppliers.

Circad - one of the most innovative electronic manufacturing companies in the UK

Our test department is staffed by conscientious people, who take pride in ensuring your products leave us at the highest standard possible.

Whether it is purely visual inspection or full programming and functional test specified, they have a range of tools and equipment available to provide you with a trouble free product.

Everything from receipt of order to supply of finished goods is recorded on our computer systems providing us with full traceability of parts, assembly operations and test results. This process helps us to identify any possible weaknesses in products or parts and enables us to recommend any enhancements we may see in your product.

Circad - one of the UK electronics companies with the fastest turnaround from concept to production

We create all manufacturing documentation necessary to provide us with the means to provide you with a quality product time after time all backed by a twelve month guarantee on everything produced.

We pride ourselves on our fast, friendly and high quality service to our customers who return to us on a regular basis. Our electronic production services are provided to customers from London, Cambridge and throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the USA since 2000 from our facility in Ipswich Suffolk.