Optimizing design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) is crucial to the successful development of any product. Decisions made during design will significantly impact a product's cost and successful production. 

Total Responsibility for Electronic Design and Manufacturing 

Circad customers avoid the potential disconnect between designers and manufacturers by our taking total responsibility for both from our factory in Suffolk. 
Any disconnect between electronic design, manufacturing and assembly leads to increased timescales and costs whilst blame is apportioned and solutions developed. If the relationships are between third party contractors, the process can easily lose direction or become too complicated to manage. 
Circad manages the whole process in-house, reducing time-to-market through efficient collaboration with capable, trusted suppliers. With significant knowledge of electronic manufacturing design, component reliability and supplier lead times, we build longstanding partnerships with customers who relish using our expertise thoughout their product lifecycles. 

20 Years Experience of DFMA 

Even before DFMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) became an engineering methodology, we have always considered electronic manufacturing design early in the design process.  
As a result, our clients enjoy reduced time-to-market and production costs. 
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