Advantages of a PCB Prototype 

A prototype circuit board speeds up the process of delivering an effective PCB. 
PCB prototyping removes guesswork by allowing engineers to quickly and accurately identify problems and minimise rework. 
We develop and manufacture PCB prototype circuit boards at our UK factory for both software development and to test product functionality. 
Once the prototype electronics are complete, we optimise it for assembly. We also review its profitability to validate that the required performance can be delivered within the target unit cost. 
pcb prototype UK
prototyping manufacturing

Pre-Production Prototype Boards 

Creating prototype electronics like the final PCB avoids later unintended problems. 
We create a pre-production circuit board using standard production techniques. A major benefit of this is that assembly and performance will be the same as for production boards. 
Once the pre-production prototype circuit board is complete, we produce a low volume of pre-production units at our factory in UK. This prototype board allows us to test performance and develop any firmware or software required. 





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