Current Status Spares 

Please see below for our current range of Status SML spares including 'ContractR , 826 Series, Citadel, 5000 Series, A Series, Aquarius, Kiss, Easi-Axess and Hydra'. 
If your struggling find any parts that are not currently listed below please contact us 

AT1130/NID 1130 Phone with NID Facility 

status sml 1130 NID

AT1130/TSL Standard Phone - TSL Facilities 

status sml 1130 TSL

AT1131/CNID Electronic Phone - NID (ContR) 

status sml 1131 CNID

AT1131/DC 1131 Phone with DC Facility 

status sml 1131 DC

AT1131/DCP 1131 Phone with DCP Facility 

status sml 1131 DCP

AT1131/N Electronic Phone N Facility 

status sml 1131 N

AT1131/NID Electronic Phone NID Facility 

status sml 1131 NID

AT1131/PID Electronic Phone - PID 

status sml 1131 PID

AT1131/T Electronic Phone + T Facility 

status sml 1131 T

AT1131/N Electronic Phone N Facility 

status sml 1131 N

AT1140-1 1140/1 Telephone Handset 

status sml 1140-1

MAT2/C MAT2/C Telephone 

status sml MAT2/C

EA5062 5000 Encoder Module Cased 

EA5063 4/5000 Display Board 

EA5064 Addtl. Entrance Control Card 

EA5067 4/5000 RECALL BOARD 

EA5068 5080 PSU Mother Board 

EA5069 5000 Subscriber Card 

EA5070 Power Board use with 5006 

EA5071 PCB 4/5000 DECODE 

EA5105 Digital timer - With backup 

EA5069 5000 Subscriber Card 

EA5112 PCB 8-Way Expansion - 4/5000 DD 

EA5121 5000 Encoder Module Cased 

EA5125 Main Control PCB For 5000 LCU 

EA5128 PSU Universal Door Entry 

EA5128-LV Door Entry PSU Board - Low Voltage 

EA5133 PCB 5080 PSU Data Dr./Eng.Acc. 

EA5134 5000 Power Control Board - MK2 

EA5142 'A' Series Standby Module 

EA5158 Subscriber Logic Board Aud/Vid 

EA5171-2 4/5000 Regulator - 2 Pots Big Heatsink 

EA5134 5000 Power Control Board - MK2 

EA5142 'A' Series Standby Module 

EA5158 Subscriber Logic Board Aud/Vid 

EA5171-2 4/5000 Regulator - 2 Pots Big Heatsink 

EA5171-3 4/5000 Regulator 3 Pots 


EA5196 4/5000 Panel Control 

EA5197 Interface PCB - PAC to Status 


EA5253 PUA FBS Motherboard MK2 

EA5257 2 Tone Reassurance Sounder 12Vdc 

EA5274 SW5000MP I/F - Surveillance 

EA5276 SW5000MP I/F - Door Monitor 

EA5277 SW5000MP I/F - System Interface 

EA5286 2-Entrance Switching Electronics 

EA5293 Econ. Dig. Interface with Module 

EA5295/STD Econ. Dig. Modem Terminal Board 

EA5302 5000mps Int Tone Ge/Recall 

EA5307 SW5000MP I/F - uP Card(DIL) 

EA5311 Recall Stacking PCB-Microlink 

EA5349 Isolated Terminal Board - 6 Way 

EA5403 Subscriber Card - 1-2 Way Micro 

EA5404 Micromodem Landing Control 

EA5411 Riser Card (Power PCB) 

EA5414 Modification Board for EA5125 

EA5415 16-Way Modem 

EA5419 Central Processor Card 

EA5422 PCB for MicroModem - LCU Panel 

EA5456 Power Board for E15 PSU 

EA5525 5525 Assy for 1131/DC Phone 

EA5611 A Series PCB with Tone Gen'tor 

EA5614 Serial Converter - 232/485 Boxed 

EA5643 Power Board for PU3826 

EA8004P Building Control Card 

EA8034 Gemini Hub Controller 

EA8042 Entrance Panel Display Board 

EA8057 RS485 Adaptor for 8034 

EA8058 RS485 Adaptor for 8034 with Poll 

EA8065 Aquarius - Digital Panel Display 

EA8089 10 Watt PA Amplifier Hydra 

EA8091 Hydra 8 Channel Relay Card 

EA8098 4-Way Ent. Panel/Tel. Card 1-4 

EA8100V6 Aquarius 16 way Hub MKII 

EA8101 Data Distributor, 8 Channel 

EA8107 Status line card ( MCA16 ) 

EA8117 Network Controller for 8100 

EA8145 ContractR 15 Way Control Assy. 

EA8147 ContractR 8 Way Control Assy. 

EA8153 Citadel Digital Panel Board 

EA8156 EA8156 Assembly 

EA8159 Lock Monitor Board 

EA8162 Citadel Power Supply Board 

EPA8084 Panel Mount Control - (Gem/Aqua) 

MKR20 KISS Reader for V/R Panels 

MKR40 KISS Management Reader - Local 

SP5000 MicroModem Programmer (5000) 

KY4 Drop Key for FS4 - Firemans Switch 

KY5 Drop Key for FS5 - Firemans Switch 

EPA-MP99MK5 A Series Push button - MK5 

EPA-PACINT Interface Unit - PAC to Status 

EPA1128-500 Urmet Panel Amplifier (DC) 

EPA5150/500 Urmet Panel Amplifier (DC) 

FS4-MB Firemans Switch - Drop Key Flush (Rect) 

ACEMT KISS Proximity Token 

SD-H Screw driver handle 

SDA-B6 Anti-tamper screw drive bit 

SDA-B7 Anti-tamper screw drive bit 

SDA-B8 Anti-tamper screw drive bit 

SDA-B10 Anti-tamper screw drive bit 

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