PCB Layout Design 

An effective PCB Layout is crucial to creating a reliable, cost-effective circuit board. 
Circad Design provides a professional PCB layout service to the electronics industry from our office and factory located in Ipswich, Suffolk. 
Custom PCBs are becoming more complex, compact and lightweight with the added complication of increasingly popular flexible PCBs. An inadequate layout can result in problems such as electromagnetic interference and even total board failure. Any rework after the PCB layout has been finalised will add manufacturing delays and costs. 
Our ISO9001 accredited PCB design services are IPC and RoHS compliant ensuring that your custom circuit boards are both reliable and cost effective. 
pcb layout
circuit board layout

Optimum Design For Layout of PCB 

Our understanding of thermal management, electro-magnetic interference, and component placement ensures optimal PCB layout. 
We design a wide range of PCB layouts from simple double-sided through-hole PCB’s to multi-layer high-density PCBs for demanding applications, on both rigid and flexible substrates. 
Our PCB layout design methodology considers the routing of power, ground and signal traces to ensure signals have a reliable path to travel. 
Our investment in state of the art PCB printers and surface mount machines have created assembly lines that support complex PCB fabrication and assembly. 
We can provide 3D visualisations including multi-board assemblies and mechanical parts imported from your designs that can be used for mechanical assembly verification. 
Whilst we will usually undertake the PCB assembly and test, we can supply the production drawings and all files required for costing, procurement and manufacture. 





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