Electronic Product Design 

Circad have been designing the embedded electronics within our customers products for over 20 years. 
We are an award winning electronics design company based in Suffolk, UK. We supply electronic design services to a wide range of industries across the UK, Europe, Asia and USA. 
We are committed to delivering the best electronic design and building long lasting working relationships that include manufacturing and on-going product support. 
Circad is more than just a pcb design and manufacture company. When an off the shelf design cannot meet requirements, Circad can offer a custom design to your specification.  
We make embedding electronics into your product easy. From concept through electronic PCB design and prototyping to full manufacture and test, we will manage the whole process completely from within our factory. 
custom electronics
custom electronics

Product Concept 

Discuss your product concept and ideas for the embedded electronics, with our team, in full confidence and under an NDA.  
Our design engineers will work with you to explore the concept, including any custom design required.  
We will produce an electronic design proposal describing the product operation, project milestones and all associated costs and time-scales. 


The discovery stage is used to resolve unknown factors about the product operation before the design stages can start. 
For example, we may need to mock up some prototype electronics to measure current draw for battery life calculation. Or we may need to undertake an outline electronic pcb design to ensure it can fit into the available space. 
If a microprocessor is required we use Microchip, Pic's, Stms, ESP32 amongst others depending on customer requirements and what is cost effective and appropriate for the custom circuit board design. 
Specific information may be required about regulatory requirements for the type of product. 
Circad have significant experience applying applicable industry standards to our designs. Some examples include: 
EN61010 for general safety standards 
EN60601 for medical equipment safety standards 
EN61851 for electric vehicle chargers 
DO160 – airborne equipment 
pcb design
electronic schematic pcb design

Schematic PCB Design 

The schematic electronic circuit design defines the components to be used and is a source document for the printed circuit board layout. 
Good electronic component choice is critical to product cost, longevity of supply and any specific compliance requirements for the product. 
Medical products or products intended for supply to countries like North America will require components with UL (Underwriters Limited) approval. 
The schematic electronics design will be developed in Altium DXP and will be clear to read. 

Custom PCB Layout 

The printed circuit board layout will ensure it fits within a specified enclosure. 
Any electronics design will have specific space requirements. We work with our clients using various 3D CAD tools to ensure that the PCB layout will fit the enclosure and that the product will be easy to manufacture. 
There is no requirement for our customers to have any CAD tools, we will supply a 3D PDF showing the finished assembled PCB layout and its components. 
pcb layout
prototype electronics

Electronics Prototypes 

Once the electronic circuit board design is complete we can produce a low volume of pre-production prototype electronics to test performance and develop any firmware or software required. 
We undertake electronic prototype development to test product functionality and develop the software required. 
Prototype development is based at our factory in Suffolk, UK. 
Design and manufacture is all in house: we make this task easy. 

Firmware Development 

Using the pre-production prototype PCB we will develop the firmware for the defined operation, including any FPGA programming required. 
A development document will be produced detailing the product testing and early electronic test. The customer will receive a set of PCB’s so they can test the product in parallel. 
We use C99 - C90 - ISO 9899 as a standard for C code. 
In addition to firmware we may produce PC software, Android applications or simple websites to communicate with the PCB. Typically we use Visual Studio Xamarin. Firmware development will be detailed within our proposal. 
fpga programming
electronic product design and test

Product Compliance Testing 

Once the product is operational we can work with external test houses for EMC CE, UKCA, or FCC compliance and electrical safety testing. 
Our engineers have years of experience of electronic product design and test. By taking product designs through compliance testing, we can ensure products can comply with the relevant standards. 
Some examples of standards we often assist with: 
EN 55014 – Emissions testing 
IEC 61000 – Immunity and Surge testing 
Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 SELV – Safety testing 

Post Development Support 

Our team of design and test engineers will continue to assist you with on going product support. 
Once in production we can program and functionally test every electronic product we supply to ensure you can focus on selling. 
If product operational changes or additional functionality are required, we can rework the electronics or the firmware to support these changes. 
If a component goes obsolete we can assist by identifying alternative compatible components or reworking the product to use available components. 
electronic design support
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