Prototype Electronics 

As a specialist electronics prototyping company we will iterate through several prototype developments before being ready for volume manufacturing and launch. 
Developing a prototype of the PCB is a critical step in verifying the design. This physical model allows us to conduct real-world tests, ensuring the PCB performs as expected in its intended application. Any issues identified during testing are addressed, and the design is refined accordingly. 
We will often develop proof-of-concept prototype electronics for proving the fundamentals at the lowest possible cost. A proof-of-concept PCB prototype can be built on an electronic development kit such as an Arduino or Raspberry Pi, rather than expend cost on designing and assembling a custom pcb. 
Once a client has achieved consensus on the optimum look and dimensions, we can agree the locations, space and form factors for the embedded electronics and electro-mechanical devices. We can then progress through engineering prototype and pre-production prototypes as required to suit client development programme. These phases include simulations and testing to ensure the design meets all functional and performance requirements. 
electronic prototyping
prototype electronics

Pre-Production Prototypes 

Even after the functionality has been tested and confirmed, pre-production prototypes also allow you to optimise assembly procedures, work instructions and documentation. 
This approach also allows you to gather realistic data on the manufacturing times and costs of your prototype electronics. 
Our experienced team can handle all these pre-production aspects for you. Our facilities in Ipswich UK include manual and automated PCB prototype manufacture encompassing electrical and mechanical assembly, wiring harnesses, device programming and functional testing. 





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