The cause of most dead computers is the owner interrupting a BIOS update. We were asked to develop a pcb design for a tool to achieve a computer motherboard drive update even if the computer did not boot, without removing any components. 
We produced the EzBIOS tool, used world wide by computer and pcb manufacturers to recover their motherboards as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
The product connects to a working PC via USB, and uses a CPLD to perform PCI BUS Mastering on the target motherboard to access the Flash BIOS memory. This is how we can take control of the motherboard even if the CPU is unable to run. 
The popularity of the EzBIOS led to development of a full debug product called EzDiag (below), and an array of other computer debug related products. 
pcb design

Full debug product EzDiag 

PCI POST Card developed for DELL laptops with EDVIEW 

CPU Emulation test head for Socket 478 Processors 

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