A DALI (digital addressable lighting interface) ballast controller allows a building management system to automatically control lighting depending on the time of day, ambient light and building occupancy. They are popular for controlling the lighting within bathrooms and corridors of large buildings where a cost saving can be made by not lighting un-occupied rooms.  
Circad were asked to create a PCB design for a DALI ballast that was capable of driving three 10 Watt LED’s from the same node, meaning that a building could be lit by a single network. Installation of the product was required within 5 weeks from the request. 
DALI Ballasts were available for low power LED lighting. However, since only 64 Ballasts can be used on a single network, a lot of ballasts and networks are needed to control LED lighting within a building. 
We created the PCB design, schematic and PCB layout, wrote the firmware, built and fully tested 64 units, and delivered within 5 weeks. As the job was urgent we even attended site to ensure the installation went according to plan. 
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