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In the dynamic realm of electronics manufacture, Circad has strategically positioned itself through targeted investments in cutting-edge production technologies. In particular, Circad's recent investments in PCB stencil printing, SMD placement for printed circuit assembly, soldering systems, and automatic PCB cropping underscore Circad's dedication to achieving unparalleled precision, efficiency, and quality throughout its production line. 

PCB Stencil Printing 

Our 2 DEK stencil printers are crucial tools in the surface mount technology (SMT) assembly process, especially for densely populated boards with numerous small components. Our latest addition has several advanced features that help to improve print quality, uptime, assembly productivity, and reduce the risk of defects: 
Stencil cleaning system that uses a high-pressure air stream to remove excess paste. Read about our use of step stencils for optimising solder paste volumes. 
Innovative printhead with integrated paste height control. 
Fully automatic paste dispenser which eliminates the risk of human error. 
State-of-the-art Hawkeye system to monitor the printing process and ensure that the correct amount of paste is being applied to the PCB. 
Our investment in these leading edge DEK printers ensure our customers benefit from: 
Precision and Consistency in application of solder paste, leading to accurate component placement and reliable solder joints. This is crucial for the miniaturization of electronic components and the reduction of defects. 
Increased Throughput: Stencil printing is a fast and efficient process, contributing to higher electronics manufacturing throughput. This is essential for meeting production demands and deadlines. 
Cost Savings: By accurately depositing solder paste only where needed, stencil printing minimizes material waste, contributing to cost savings in the assembly process. 
Improved Quality Control: The use of a stencil printer allows for better control over the solder paste deposition, reducing the likelihood of defects such as solder bridging or insufficient solder. 
Versatility: Stencil printers can be adapted for use with various PCB sizes and designs, making them versatile tools in electronics manufacturing. 
Overall, our PCB stencil printers play a key role in achieving high-quality and efficient SMT assembly, contributing to the reliability and performance of electronic devices. 

SMD Placement 

We have 3 Yamaha I-Pulse surface mount machines which allow more complex PCB assembly, and greatly enhance SMD placement versatility and volumes. Our SMT machines are highly automated and precise, facilitating the placement of a wide range of surface mount devices. All I-Pulse surface mount machines have state-of-the-art features such as vision processing. They can handle the electronic manufacture of large format PCB’s and small component sizes. 
The Advantages of our SMT Machines include: 
Miniaturization: accommodates the placement of tiny surface mount components. 
Higher Component Density: increases functionality in smaller form factors. 
Improved Electrical Performance: shorter interconnection paths reduce unwanted capacitance and inductance. 
Cost Efficiency: automation reduces labour costs, and minimises material waste. 
Consistent Quality: automation ensures consistent and repeatable component placement. 
Reduced Lead Times: high-speed operation reduces the time required for production. 
Circad has made significant improvements to its new machine line and can now simultaneously paste and place components on multilevel boards. Watch this LinkedIn video showcasing an SMD machine running at 10% capacity whilst assembling flexi ridged boards with components placed on multiple levels. 

Soldering Systems 

We have three soldering systems that use different technologies. The choice between reflow and wave soldering depends on the specific application and the type of components being used. each suited to different tasks through choice of process and controlled temperature profiles to achieve optimal solder joint quality and reliability. 
Ersa HOTFLOW 3/14Ersa High-end reflow soldering system from Kurst Ersa 
Plus 14 convection oven from Iemme group 
Wave solder machine from Blundell 

Automatic PCB Cropping 

We have two automatic PCB cropping machines selected for the technology of the product being assembled. Their primary function is to optimise the assembly processes and prepare boards for the flow solder machines. They also provide flexibility to the manufacturing process, ultimately contributing to the overall efficiency and product quality. 
Our investment in these machines deliver the following advantages to Circad and to our customers: 
Precision and Speed 
High Throughput: automatic operation supports mass production environments. 
Reduced Labour: automation reduces the need for manual intervention 
Versatility: The machines can handle a variety of PCB sizes and configurations. 
Quality Control: Integrated vision and QC features consistently maintain high-quality results. 
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